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The ultimate declaration of love is a willingness to share your dessert. Luckily this Heart Shaped Gourmet Popcorn Cake will feed a crowd. This cake is made with a layer of freshly popped salted gourmet popcorn tossed in our homemade marshmallow fluff. Red, pink and white M&MS are found throughout, while your choice of creamy white chocolate or rich dark chocolate is drizzled on top. Pink, red and white jimmies are sprinkled on top to make it extra festive. So whether you order this for you and your SO, your friends, or your roommates, everyone can have a little something sweet on Valentines Day!

All Popilicious Gourmet Popcorn Cakes are handcrafted and made to order to ensure the highest quality, taste and presentation that will impress children and adults alike. All of our popcorn cakes are made and shipped on the same day to ensure that you are receiving the freshest cake possible.

The Heart Shapred Gourmet Popcorn Cake is a 32 oz. cake made entirely of popcorn and marshmallow fluff. Since our popcorn is tossed in gooey marshmallows, the cake is chewy. Each cake is shrink wrapped to preserve freshness. For extra gooey-ness, we recommend microwaving your cake for 15-30 seconds. Each cake serves 8-10.

Popilicious Popcorn Cakes stay fresh for 2 weeks from the date of shipment, but we recommend enjoying your cake as soon as possible. If you need to save your cake for a later date, we recommend keeping your cake in the wrapping and placing it in the freezer for up to 3 months. Thaw your cake for 2 hours before slicing and enjoying.

Pre-Order Heart Cake Rice Treat

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