his batch of snacks includes 250 bags and the grand prize this batch is a 5 night cruise to the BAHAMAS!  Other prizes include a diamond ring, fine jewelry, fidget toys, men's jewelry, gift cards and more!  Each bag contains one prize.  


Pre-orders on sale now.  Bags will be shipped no later than November 1st.  (Bags will ship earlier if this batch sells out)


Choose your flavor.  Each bag contains approx. 14 ounces of snack mix.


Classic Plus - Caramel Popcorn, red skin peanuts, creme brule' peanuts, and candy corn.

Turtle Tracks - Chocolate Popcorn, Salty Pecans, dried cherries and caramel bites.

Bring on the Heat - Salsa and Cheddar Popcorn, Peppernut Peanuts, Siracha Corn Nuts, and Cinnamon Bits.

Jackpot Snack & Prize Mix - YOU COULD FIND A 5 DAY CRUISE!