Hot Chocolate/Latte/Mocha Instructions:

Hot Chocolate/Mocha….Add a cup of milk (We only use milk) or water to a pot on the stove and 1 scoop of hot chocolate per cup (If you want it stronger add another scoop). Turn on high and stir until it just starts to simmer. Turn it off and remove it from the stove. Add some cool whip to the bottom of your cup and pour your hot chocolate over it. Then top it off with more cool whip. We sometimes like to add a peppermint stick to ours.

Latte….(FROZEN) Measure out your ice in a 10oz cup (approximately). Add ⅓ cup of mix and then add to a blender (We use a magic bullet). Blend well until all the ice is broken up. You can make it in a smaller cup (6-8 oz) just be sure to use less mix. (COLD) Just add 2 scoops of mix to about 6oz or cold water or milk and shake well and then poor over some ice. (HOT) Make just as you would do the Hot Chocolates



Hot Chocolate:


Pumpkin Spice


Apple Cider



White Chocolate

Cotton Candy


Chocolate Peanut Butter


Sugar Free:

White Chocolate 



You can mix as many as you would like or order them individual 

Hot Chocolate and Lattes