Create Your Own Signature Blend - Each blend mix is packaged in one bag. If you want two different blends, you must purchase them separatly.



2 scoops $3.00

5 scoops $8

10 scoops $15

20 scoops $20


Choose from the following:

Salty Almonds

Honey Roasted almonds

Smokehouse Almonds

Blueberry Almonds

Coconut Macaroon Almonds

Maple Toffee Almonds

Lemon Cream Almonds

Pumpkin Spice Almonds

Jordan Almonds

Raw Brazil Nuts

White chocolate flavored Cashews

Salty Cashew Pieces


Salty Pecans

Buttered Pecans

Cinnamon Pecans

Roasted Salty Pistachios

Smokey Mozzerella Peanuts

Spanish Peanuts

Creme Brule' Peanuts

Teriyaki Peanuts

Strawberry Cheesecake Peanuts

Pepper Nut Peanuts

Cheddar Jalapeno Peanuts

Butter Rum Peanuts

Sirachi Ranch Peanuts

BBQ Peanuts


Spicy Cajun Corn nuts

Ranch Corn Nuts

Chili Lemon Corn Nuts

Spicy Buffalo Ranch Corn Nuts

Chessy Cheddar Corn Nuts

Siracha Corn Nuts

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Nuts

Sour Cream Corn Nuts

Bacon BBQ Corn Nuts

Taco Truck Corn Nuts


Everything Sesame Sticks

Habenero Pineapple Honey Sesame Sticks

Garlic Sesame Sticks

Cheesy Sesame Sticks

Hot and spicy Sesame Sticks

Sour Cream and Onion Sesame Sticks

Maple Bacon Sesame Sticks

Honey roasted Sesame Sticks

Salty Sesame Sticks

Guacamole Sticks

Wasabi Peas

Garlic Bagel Chips


Peanut Butter filled pretzel nuggets

Smokey Gouda Pretzel nuggets

Cheddar and Ale Pretzel Nuggets



Dried Tart Cherries

Dried Strawberries

Dried Blueberries

Coconut Flakes

Banana Chips

Dried Cranberries

Dried Apricots

Dried Papaya

Dried Mango Slices



Red Hots Cinnamon Bits

Candy Corn

SF Gummy Bears

M&M candies

M&M peanut candies

Recees pieces

French Burnt Peanuts

Maple Nut Goodies SOLD OUT

Bubbly Champagne Gummies

Sour Presecco Gummies

Winegums Candies

1 Inch Jaw Breakers

Sour Grapefruit

Sour Gummy Bears

Sour Strawberry Rings SOLD OUT

Orange Pufflettes

Gummi Piglets

Twin Cherry Gummies SOLD OUT

Irish Cream Gummy Bears

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears

Spearmint Leaves

American Fish

Chamoy Worms

Coffee Sunflower Seeds

Cinnamon Sunflower Seeds

Sour Cinnamon Bears

Pumpkin Pie Jelly Beans

Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls

Create Your Own Signature Mix